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A limited-edition bottling of Douglas Laing's Timorous Beastie, matured exclusively in ex-bourbon barrels and bottled up at a bolstered 54.9% ABV. Dubbed Meet the Beast, this expression certainly does dial up the intensity a few notches, with a big burst of vibrant fruit and oak notes at its core, supported by vanilla, fresh pastry, and a host of spices. A brilliant Highland blended malt – though the red eyes of the beastie on the label look as if it's staring into your soul a little bit.


One of only 305 bottles - charged from a PX Sherry Butt - REF - DL15193.

This 2006 Caol Ila is a single cask bottling for Douglas Laing's 'The Midnight Series' Old Particular range of whisky.

Distilled June 2005.
Bottled September 2021.
Cask No DL15193.


The third and final release from Douglas Laing's Old Particular Spiritualist Series is a 14 year old single malt from the Craigellachie Distillery, dubbed 'Intensity' (following 'Balance' and 'Harmony'). Distilled in March 2006, the whisky was filled into a single sherry butt and aged until September 2020, when it was bottled up at 52% ABV with an outturn of 309 bottles.


54.5% ABV. Charged from an ex-bourbon barrel. 201 bottles. Distilled May 2005. Bottled February 2021.


A grand old Girvan single grain, independently bottled for the Old Particular range by Douglas Laing! This one was aged for 30 years, from December 1989 to March 2021, in a single cask. Following that, the whisky was bottled up at 51.5% ABV, with an outturn of only 204 bottles.


A terrific 25 year old Tomatin, independently bottled by Douglas Laing for the Xtra Old Particular range. This expression was aged in a refill hogshead cask for quarter of a century - from April 1993 to August 2018 - before being bottled a cask strength with an outturn of just 315 bottles.


A 30 year old single grain Scotch whisky from the North British Distillery, which enjoyed three decades of rest in a single refill barrel – from January 1991 to March 2021. Following that, Douglas Laing bottled it all up for the Xtra Old Particular range, producing 196 of these handsome bottles.